A sure thing and must do Orlando ride

Special Places for Families at the Theme Parks
It really is kinda like a circus the way they have this whole area fancied up. go

How to get Around
It will be nice to use the pools now that the weather is warmer and it will be fun to just relax at Disney. go

Live Event Schedule
The narrator is really good at explaining everything. go

They dominate with the big sports complex. go

Animal Care Professionals
It was so cool to see Animal Kingdom and the next door Animal Kingdom Lodge. go

Ride along with Dumbo
Fly along with dumbo and other friends, even mom or dad can go along on the voyage. go

Fantastic for the Family
The whole bus system to get here is fantastic and it goes to all the local attractions. go

Cool Nightly Music Shows
This winter month thing is dragging, even though the late afternoon weather is nice. go


Our Disney Picks

Orlando's Best Theme Park Resort
We so much enjoy the entire area as this town has a lot going on. go

Swimming Pool
Here they treat the American Southwest with so much class, and it is right in Orlando! go

Big Fun for Grownups and Children
The Contemporary Resort is all fun with a futuristic atmosphere, as the monorails glide in and out of the fourth floor mezzanine. go

Circus Pool
Enjoy the comforts of a Disney home so close to fun things for all ages. go

Hotels for Location
This is why we are here, Orlando is famous for its sprawling greens and world-class golf and it is right at the hotel. go

Free Transportation
The music played throughout the resort brings back the feeling of the Old West. go

Vacation Club Resort
We really enjoyed the experience because it is spread out nicely and you don't feel like you're crammed into a hotel like the Disney swan, although that has a lot of positive attributes about itself. go


Gearing up for the Summer Season

Our Disney Picks

Each year in December they announce the new Florida Resident Pass details. They are calling them the Wild For Disney tickets. Be advised the tickets will expire, so do fully use the tickets up. They offer three and four day passes at the discount rate. Prices are the same For all Ages for the Wild For Disney tickets. Read closely about the block out days. Also, movies are good at Universal, since parking is free after six.

Marc I.