Creative Food Menu Eating is where Orlando Shines

Places we like in Orlando
This is the best orlando Chocolate Store. go

Italian Flat Bread
A lot of pizza toppings is a good thing to me and I like them loaded up high. go

Restaurants for Families
They have a watermelon and feta cheese salad that has spinach and other ingredients to make it super special. go

Lunch is Good
Hot clam chowder and a lobster grilled cheese sandwich is the perfect combination and it doesn't sting the wallet. go

Hotel Restaurant
The best thing about a vacation is finding a place that you really enjoy eating the great food and the party vibe. go

Draft Beer Cafe
Cold beer has a friend with chicken wings with that hot and spicy buffalo sauce. go

Coffee Brews
I always need to stop and get something hot with lots of caffeine before I do the walking through the Theme Parks. go

West Sand Lake Road Location
There is no better place in Orlando to get a giant burrito fixed up with all the trimmings. go


Platter Plates

Soccer Ball
Let your children play for at least an hour in the ESPN Interactive Soccer Zone. go

Comedy Events
Monsters Inc Laugh Floor is superb. go

German Toys
My mom just had to get some coffee and German-style cheesecake. go

Stormalong Bay Splash Pool
It is just fabulous and it is so fun having the sand under your feet. go

Disney Parking Tram Drop-Off
When you exit the Disney Parking Tram, they drop you at the Oasis Area of the Park. go

Winners for a Disney Day
Good place, a bit pricey, but loaded with memories. go

Outstanding Live Performances
The weather is awesome in the winter with very low chances for storms. go


So many good Restaurants

Platter Plates

I think they made the perfect restaurant for those folks that are coming down for a Theme Park vacation. Because the people that go to Disney World tend to be pretty active and also some have children or used to have some, or used to be one, a family friendly Sports Bar is perfect. The ESPN Club restaurant is over in that zone with five major hotels next to Epcot. The area is just a buzz with enthusiasm because it's a vacation area which spills over to what happens inside the restaurants. Everyone is all smiles when you're eating one of those big giant salads that they make, and they put chicken tenders or grilled steak on top. Yummy is a big salad that is all jazzed up with something special on top of it, even grilled shrimp. If you want to fill up on the cheap, get the big bowl of chili and have a few beers to go with it, and you will be ready to go and hit one of the roller coaster rides. We are blessed in Orlando to have so many good restaurants to pick from!

Mallory Q.