Disney is really good about the Best Bedding and Cleanliness

Boat Taxi
The Disney vacation picks are always a winner. go

Mousekeeping is Awesome
Everyone enjoys the convenient walk to Epcot in less than five minutes from the Mickey Mouse hotel room! go

Splash in the Pool
You will have plenty of room to roam too as this getaway has free transportation all around the local area. go

Happy with a Really Nice Orlando Vacation
You will save plenty of cash by bring snacks, wine, and beer so your money goes to clothing and gifts. go

Orlando Camping Winner
Loved the buggy rides, canoe rides, nightly shows, and the great pool area. go

The Prettiest Disney Resort
Toss in-pool volleyball, hoops, and creative games, and how could you not look forward to splashing in after your day at the theme parks. go

Orlando Area Vacation Stay
The one thing about coming to Florida is taking advantage of the swimming pool vacations. go

Nice Atmosphere for Everyone
Leaving the car in the hotel is very nice and you do not have to use it unless you need to. go


Multitude of Rental Choices

Free Disney Parking is a Treat
It's a fun place and lots to see, your visa card will be handy! go

The Space Mountain Attraction
At Disney Orlando, it's one giant leap for fun! go

Drink Cold Bass Ale Beer
I probably won't ever make it over to london england so this was a good opportunity to have something special, and it goes great with the harp lager beer. go

Big Fire
Video cameras getting wet on Disney rides and this is a good example. go

Epcot Bandstand
Check the event schedule carefully upon arrival, as the ongoing series of live stage and street performances are remarkable. go

Secret Places Adults will love at Disney World Orlando
You walk the back entrance into Epcot, and the kids love that secret entrance. go

Shows in a Theater
Just the most outrageous live stage act, this is the biggest hit going on now daily here in Orlando. go

Wonderful Place to Stay

I didn't realize that once we became an annual passholder that we would get even more discounts to the disney stuff. I am impressed with hotel prices for things like the All-Star Sports Resort. This is a wonderful place to stay and we are glad to do it. Having a giant Swimming Pool at your hotel when you come back from all day of walking is refreshing. Nothing beats splashing in a perfectly maintained Swimming Pool. Bring your water toys, and I'm not just talking about the children. Everybody can get into the action here when your plan around a hotel and Theme Park that is all special. It is a good idea to try your best to find one of the discount coupons and promo codes that they have on the website. If you sign up for some of the Disney newsletters that are targeting the hotels, you will get some good discounts sent your way. Make sure you understand the resort and a particular room type you are targeting. There's a big difference between two queen beds and two full beds!

Rosemarie H.

Mickey Mouse Vacation

Ok, the travel is getting to me, ughghghg. It is so cold in Orlando during December. We are at the national convention in Orlando and it's cold, what is up with that? Exhausted I flew in late last night, got in bed at 2am at the Swan Resort.

I was up at 7am attempting to fix all the stuff that the other people screwed up and now I'm beat and I have to speak in the morning, and I hate public speaking. I'll survive then fly back to atlanta late tomorrow! My life is nuts, I don't actually go anywhere again though for awhile. We loved the bjsrestaurants.com bar during our Disney stay.

Fannie W.