Disney World is simply a fun place to be at any age

Honor the Judge Mickey Mouse
It is just about the littlest park goers, and even has a small rollercoaster called the barn stormer. go

Epcot Daily Event Schedule
It is just a cool to watch a lakeside music concert. go

Shows in a Theater
We came for the Movie Stars Weekend to see the big actors do their thing on stage. go

Low Lines after Rain
High tech rides are a lot better than the old style rides of yesteryears. go

Disney in December
They try to pick a good weather so it is beautiful outside and that'll make a lot better product, because they are gonna play this on Christmas Day to the world. go

Grab your Helmet and Drive
Darn if they did not move it to daytona beach. go

Gymnastics is huge at Wide World of Sports
Free with an annual pass, daily tickets may be purchased at front gate of the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex. go

Special Seasonal Discounts Keep it Cheap
Although Epcot with all of the restaurants is something you could consistently go to again and again. go


Good Zone for Fun

Swimming Pool
What a Dream Orlando Area Sports Hotel. go

New Orleans at Disney
We stayed for five nights, it was a heck of an adventure. go

Swimming Pool
Things are not far at all, they have built a fine system of coordinating everything together. go

Splashable Pleasures
Very nice are the two-bedrooms suites at the Key West Resort, but this is way cheaper with to queen-size beds and a standard size unit. go

Perfect for active families with children
This is one of the better resorts. go

Disney Resort Review
We are lucky in the United States to have this great state of Florida to have for vacations. go

Fun Place to Stay
Staying busy all the time is no problem at all because they have loaded up this hotel with anything possible to do in a swimming pool I hope you've had the opportunity to play basketball inside a swimming pool. go


You get to Choose

Good Zone for Fun

One of the things you get to choose from when you're staying here at one of these hotels is water sports activities. The little kids in your group are really going to want to go on the sea raycer boats. These little mini speedboats are fantastic and they fit two guests at a time, meaning one parent and a child, or one child 12 years old or older by themselves. That's the rules on those little tiny boats, 12 years old. I bet there's been so many kids that are nine, or 10, or 11 years old that have cried over not being able to rent that boat. It's not the same when your mom or dad has got a come along with it. They have those boston whaler montauk boats, which really looks fun and then you need a driver that's 18 years old and up. Because these are so expensive it's probably going to be dad or granddad who get the job of paying the bill for this one. It is nice to see all the boats cruising around, as the whole thing adds to the wonderful outdoor by when you are touring on bicycles down the river sidewalk pathways.

Susanne Q.