Easy connection for the perfect vacation is Orlando

Soccer Ball
Let your children play for at least an hour in the ESPN Interactive Soccer Zone. go

Excellent Scenery on the Lakefront
I hope the weather improves a little bit. go

Kids Hug Handy Manny
Be ready with your video cameras as Handy Manny or maybe special agent oso could be waiting to say hello to you. go

Indulge in International Shopping
The variety is something extra special, and you really don't know what to expect because they change things each day. go

One Excellent Place for Lunch
Other places nearby if you're gonna hop in the car that we enjoyed a lot included Copper Canyon and Cuba Libre cafe. go

Swimming Pool
We like to get a little buzz on while we enjoy the festivities. go

Movie Characters
Captain Jack Sparrow comes alive and does a wonderful job with the children. go

Music is the key to Big Smiles at Disney World
You just have to love the live entrainment that has a singing component, sort of like the movie stars. go


For the Kids

Grounds are Absolutely Stunning
The grounds are absolutely stunning, with rich wilderness in the bayou and perfectly manicured gardens. go

With Kids Hotel Booking
Bring your smaller kids to this hotel, and you can take the bus around Orlando. go

One of the Top Orlando Area Hotels
We very much enjoyed the hotel restaurants. go

Cheap and Clean
We like to mix it up and do a little bit of Cocoa Beach Shoreline fun for a day or two. go

Mousekeeping is Awesome
Mousekeeping and staff were very helpful and nice, plus this is the best resort on property. go

Our Choice is the Disney Resort
Here, it's a party pad! go

Resident Style Villa Rentals
We love the electrifying outdoor concerts and entertainment we can walk to. go


Disney Destinations Marketing

For the Kids

We like the cool newsletters from Disney destinations marketing. They are local here at 1375 buena vista drive. Right in the heart of Lake Buena Vista. Just want to say thanks as we are disney nuts! Based out of Winter Park Florida, close by.

Santo S.