Expect to see outrageous casting and comedy, which will pop out spontaneously throughout the day

Live Performances
We could not say enough about how fantastically fit these guys are the put on the show. go

Crazy Cool Play
Ride high and get fossils waiting unearthed, it is a bit different at Animal Kingdom. go

Climbing a Stack of Chairs
There are a lot of street performing acts at the various parts of the Theme Parks which are better than any of the roller coasters. go

Awesome Adventures and Technology of Tomorrow
(1) In just one visit you can test your thirst for adventure in the Explore Zone. go

This Place Shines for Entertainment
This place certainly shines for entertainment, it is a winner for nightlife. go

Unique Architecture
I have to admit I really like the architectural beauty of the things that they have here. go

Boat Voyage Through Mexico
Experience the sights and sounds of Mexico right at the big attraction area that is part of Epcot Orlando. go

List of Top Orlando Shopping Locations
Being open seven days a week is a big plus. go


Ticket Admission

Grounds are Absolutely Stunning
The beauty of the grounds really cannot be over-emphasized. go

Hotel Food is Excellent
We stayed in the one hundred and one dalmatians room, or building area. go

Resort with a Beach
We spent mega time in the really large swimming pools. go

Swimming Pool
And the transportation if fun too, try the monorail, ferryboats, and bus transportation to move around Disney. go

Feed the Hotel Animal Farm
Located next to the Animal Kingdom park, this exciting Lake Buena Vista hotel is sure to captivate your families imagination. go

Best of Amenities
Very good was the NYPD pizza restaurant. go

Disney Hotel Discounts
Yes, they all have some sort of arraignment and interconnection for deals and discounts that help each other. go


Attractions in Central Florida

Ticket Admission

Work Kennedy Space Center into your schedule and you will be impressed. The attraction highlights all of the key historical milestones of the US Space Program and leaves you in awe. This Central Florida Attraction could not have been better. We enjoyed the IMAX, plus all exhibits and shows. See the Astronaut Hall of Fame, it is great. The vacation would not have been the same without something so real and historic. Great times, yeah.

Jade M.