From the monorail riding hotels, you can pop right over to the Magic Kingdom and Epcot

Camping Winner for Central Florida
The boat rides to Disney makes it so easy to get around. go

Walking Pathways
Take the bus and head off to enjoy the parks or Disney Springs. go

Party Hotel with Poolside Bar
This is a true party hotel and the best thing going for adults that like to have a lot of fun. go

Mousekeeping is Awesome
Everyone enjoys the convenient walk to Epcot in less than five minutes from the Mickey Mouse hotel room! go

Port Orleans
A family trip to Orlando should focus on the themed hotels. go

South Seas Hotel
The alcohol is nice at the beach bar. go

Splash in the Pool
Very fun, and has some excellent on-site restaurant dining and bars. go

So Happy with the Reservation
Give the hotel a top rating and this one really does jazz it up. go


Resort Overviews

Special Events
It makes for a great weekend to do! go

Low Lines after Rain
How is your sore finger from the Aerosmith ride outing? go

Live Events
The showcase cast members will give you extra advice and unpublished times of the event times. go

Open Seven Days a Week to Play
To me the wet rides are so fun but that's more in the summer in the spring when it's warmer out, not for January. go

Art Event
I had no idea that glass could be shaped into so many different sizes and of course they make them into Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse. go

A Superior Place to Stay
As you tour the area it is easy to see why this is a superior place to stay, easily one of the better hotel destinations in Orlando. go

Disney Live Daily Entertainment
I would try the Mikado Sushi when you get out in your car and go exploring international Drive and other areas. go


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Resort Overviews

Is pretty good when you can search for hotels and they offer all kinds of free things. Even the cheap disney hotels like Pop Century Resort offer Extra Magic Hours and a key to the world. I love the refillable mugs that you can drink liquids the entire trip without paying any more money than the initial charge. The Disney World food courts are fantastic by the way, and part of why they're so good is all the diet drinks. I love their diet fruit punch, and the ice that they use inside the food courts is that little cute cube styel that is perfect. We have been trying to stay for two weeks on this next trip and started looking for the condominium type of properties. It looks like you really get a better deal overall, but of course here total price tag is higher, but on a per day basis your hotel is cheaper. Having a full kitchen is a nice upgrade, so that is about the only reason I would move off of the Disney properties. Orlando is a big place and you want to do a little bit of everything, not just Disney. I love the free concerts at City Walk and would recommend them highly.

Byron E.