Have a good Disney day and take it easy

Outdoor Spectacle
Now the same at the Magic Kingdom, they now sell booze there too. go

Get Poolside Bar Mango Rita
Basketball is part of what you can do inside the pool. go

Dark Rides
We love any of the attractions with all the shooting, scores, and ride. go

Festivities really Pack a Punch
The key to it all is understanding the daily events schedule which is something you can halfway memorize the day before. go

Always a Winner is Downtown Disney
Disney Springs is about the coolest thing going for dinner and drinks in Orlando. go

One Excellent Place for Lunch
Boardwalk is a entertainment area near Epcot that has a jumping nightlife. go

Wave Machine
I can promise you the wave machine will knock you off your feet if you are not prepared and leaning into the water when it smacks you. go

Lake Buena Vista Family Nightlife
I think any of these three hotels are just terrific to maximize that your Disney experience and to not have to use your automobile at all. go


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Our Vote for Orlando Value Inns
Everyone loves a good Orlando room. go

Key West Resort Swimming Pool
For the girls, bring your bikini as the swimming pool is a very big one and has a slide. go

Exclusive Disney Waterfront Room Rentals
The key is to boat taxi that takes you over to the Disney Springs shopping and restaurant area, or the Theme Parks. go

Orlando is the best Vacation City
This is an excellent hotel if you are a sports coach, an athlete, or even a spectator or fan. go

Grounds are Absolutely Stunning
This is probably the best option for anyone who would like to stay at a deluxe resort but doesn't want to pay higher deluxe prices. go

Winner with Children staying at Disney Orlando
This hotel is the kind of place that is far superior to most of the fancy resorts on International Drive. go

Stormalong Bay Splash Pool
It is really giant and goes all the way around the front side of the complex, sitting lake front. go


Ready for some Theme Park Rides

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This Mickey Mouse weekend looks great from my end and I can head your way tomorrow. That is if it is ok on your end and the Weather at Disney World looks decent. The water parks are Always a Winner, so let me know if it is ok?

Dona W.