Having a big swimming pool is a huge plus

Swimming Pool
One of the coolest and upscale of the Disney Orlando resorts. go

Yacht Club Villa Rentals
pick a good stay for all the fun times at Disney Orlando. go

South Seas Hotel
Mom, dad and kids will have tons of fun! go

Nice Atmosphere for Everyone
Leaving the car in the hotel is very nice and you do not have to use it unless you need to. go

Vacation Club Resort
They actually use golf carts to shuttle people around and show you where your vacation accommodations are located at. go

Our Vote for Orlando Value Inns
We will definitely stay here again now that we know the prices are so sweet for what you get. go

Beach Club Lobby
The hotel lobby lots-to-see-location is exceptional next to the restaurants on the lake and the beer bars. go

Summer is the Hotel deal Time
The first time you walk through the lobby area and head out and see the pool, it will get you to smile. go


Hotel to stay at Disney

Hotel filled with Surprises
It is too hard to spot them at the hotels or the Theme Parks. go

Number One Orlando Course
All clean and neat it was designed for the pros so big hitters do good here. go

Happy with the Theme Parks
This zone is primarily focused on younger children so it makes sense that they would have something like this that is focused on comity and laughter. go

Celebration of Santa Claus
We would recommend December as the best month to visit the Magic Kingdom. go

Love the Homemade Teriyaki Sauce
This is the best restaurant here by far. go

Taking the Kids up the Disney Jungle River
This was only a ten minute wait and we really go on the boat faster than that. go

Fast to Epcot by Water Taxis
Our family enjoyed the two Epcot parks, hitting Future World early in the day before crowds fill in. go


Book your Reservation

Hotel to stay at Disney

Make sure you read the specials and the vacation offers very carefully, as often discounts are restricted to certain room types or certain time frames. Disney is pretty big on that as well, offering Florida residents a few months of the year for the deep discounts. Disney is going to offer their discounts when the resorts have a large amount of vacancy available. When their rooms are empty, you will see advertisements on tv around the Tampa bay market and Daytona Beach. There are certain times of the year where it's pretty much impossible to get a discount in Orlando and one of them is around the time of the Christmas Parade. There's something about the Magic Kingdom during Christmas, and that place gets jammed. They actually have a capacity number and eventually will stop letting people come into the Theme Park. Thank goodness their hotels are just as fun, but you really want to pick a time to book your reservation when the Orlando kids are in school. Keep that in mind when you're scheduling your trip.

Lucinda M.