Having the huge pool and watersports festivities make it so fun

Centrally located to the Theme Parks
One of the coolest and upscale of the Disney Orlando resorts. go

Nice Atmosphere for Everyone
Leaving the car in the hotel is very nice and you do not have to use it unless you need to. go

Do it All Disney Trip
Answer: Fort Wilderness, Saratoga Springs, Coronado Springs, Caribbean Beach Resort, Port Orleans Riverside, Boardwalk Inn and villas, Wilderness Lodge, old Key West and, and yacht-beach club resorts. go

Winner with Children staying at Disney Orlando
Look for Mickey Mouse to show up at the hotel, he knows he can rest in your yard. go

Lobby Bar
You can substitute anything you want to make your drink a little bit more sweet or stronger. go

One of the Top Orlando Area Hotels
Quick access to the Theme Parks, airport, and other local attractions. go

Vacation Club Resort
They actually use golf carts to shuttle people around and show you where your vacation accommodations are located at. go

Orlando Camping Winner
I think the really big pools are the best. go


Stay at a Disney Property

Play the Disney Games
The music and parades make the magic shine bright, but it is the big drops on the roller coasters that put the widest smiles on your face. go

Easy Rollercoaster
This is a good warm-up for sure, and a lot of fun. go

Special to Do
We love it whenever there's something exciting going on over at the Theme Parks. go

Better than the Disney Movie
You're better off if you can get a better seat by going a little bit early. go

Live Entertainment
All of the smaller and younger disney kids just freak out on having so much fun. go

Big Fire
It was 15mph today. go

Free Boat Rides
The hotel experience is really good at the big resorts in Orlando. go


Ride Thrills

Stay at a Disney Property

Seems like to me people make a big deal about the room size at the resorts, even though they could be spending eighty percent or more of their time away from their hotels. You might be at the hotel, but you're going to be around the Swimming Pool or take advantage of one of the water sports activities. We tend to do the Magic Kingdom Theme Park first during one day, and do Epcot in the afternoon and evening. The next day will go to Hollywood Studios during the day, and then again back to the different Epcot music show for the evening. The Epcot Bandstand is just too fantastic and because they have a special event each day, we go there quite a bit more. I have to say big thanks to the Caribbean Beach, the management is really good about moving you around if you need to be closer or farther or higher. I would try to get the upper floor units every time you can because the views. Some people do like climbing the stairs, but once you get up there you can see so much further. We will be back for Star Wars Weekend next month.

Kendrick S.