I would say this is about the perfect hotel for an Orlando Vacation without needing a car

One of the Top Orlando Area Hotels
Oh my goodness did we have fun at all of these places. go

Swimming Pool
Orlando has cheaper hotels by far than the rest of the state of Florida. go

I love the bicycle and golf cart rental program right at the campground. go

Happy with a Really Nice Orlando Vacation
Super fast early check-in was something we did not expect, a great surprise to start the day. go

Beach Club Lobby
Mousekeeping and staff were very helpful and nice, plus this is the best resort on property. go

Top Notch Orlando Family Hotel
It was really fun and I couldn't imagine staying at any other place in Orlando. go

Port Orleans
It has the entertainment offerings of a deluxe resort for the price tag of a moderate resort. go

Disney Hospitality
Rooms are not available until 3pm but the resorts operate a Ready Room system. go


Room Choices are Good

Picture Spot
You will notice a lot of the kodak picture spots that are identified for you all over the Theme Park. go

Shop for Girls
Give shopping is made easy with so many different things to choose from and a lot of things are not that pricey. go

Springtime Events are Spectacular
I was very impressed with the entire event. go

Special Seasonal Discounts Keep it Cheap
We like to soak up the sun down by the beach after we first challenge ourselves to the ultimate free-fall called Summit Plummet. go

Big Thrills
What to do first at Disney World, the Magic Kingdom for sure. go

French Food
Never have Orlando pastries from france been so popular, as now locals have the bistro of paris to get their favorites. go

Getting to the Best Shows
Wait to see how your kid's eyes light up. go


Hula-Hoop Contest by the Pool

Room Choices are Good

Oh my are the Disney Hotel Pools nice. They have a whole series of events played for the kids mainly, and some for adults. Lots of the activities are down by the pool of course, the night-time dancing was the funniest. A Hula-Hoop contest was so fun and it is kind of like being in a show of its own. So fun is a Hula-Hoop Contest by the Pool, thanks so much Mr Disney.

Brenda M.