If you think you have time for a vacation, Disney can help

Tips for Orlando Hotel Reservation Booking
Pools are heated and they know how to make it work. go

Super Roof Top View Video
The lake-side Contemporary Resort has a white-sandy beach, lots of water sports, beach volleyball, tennis, and ferryboat rides. go

Amazing Animal Zoo Hotel Playzone
It is a first class resort with fantastic amenities. go

Stormalong Bay Splash Pool
Stormalong bay is like a lazy river, perfect for relaxing in the water. go

Expect all sorts of Surprises
I can respect those great hotel tips, and the Grand Floridian is the best and most exclusive of the Disney Resorts. go

Calypso Building
No swimming pool slides, is something we can live without. go

Lakeside Hotel
There is a golf course right next door and that is very cool. go

Circus Pool
Book your fully equipped one bedroom villa for a super time. go


Hotels with Pools

Family Vacation Hotels
Rooms are fully-equipped with kitchens, clothing washers, microwaves, and living rooms. go

Outstanding Performance
One would expect that a big production here would be good. go

Picking out some Orlando Fun
You can also view and learn about movie greats as you tour all of Hollywood Studios Orlando. go

The Place to Shop
That photograph of Disney Springs reminded me so much of our last time visiting their. go

Hollywood Studios Wait Times Board
The kids wanted to do playhouse Disney live on stage so much so that was one of our target focuses. go

Fantastic for the Family
Direct from the airport is the Disney Express Bus service, they even handle the luggage for you. go

Best with Kids at Disney
Disney lets your children get involved in a lot of the on stage events so just be ready. go

Travel Reviews

I sure wish I could trust tripadvisor a little better, as that website seems to be accurate about fifty percent of the time. I couldn't believe the rating that the Residence Inn Orlando got, as that place is terrific. You need to be skeptical about what people say in travel reviews. A lot of companies actually hire people to submit comments. Can you believe they hire people to submit bad comments about the competition and they submit good comments about their particular hotel property. Getting recommendations from the heart is the key, and a lot of ways the web does not provide that. Personal reference, from people you know and trust is the best way to go. Talking to a local property manager down here in Orlando is one possibility, especially if you're looking for a Condo Style rental. One thing about staying at the Contemporary Resort or the Polynesian Resort, you know what you're going to get and the car stays in the parking lot!

Clint B.

Central Florida Vacation

We will be able to bicycle ride all the way through the ucf college ucf.edu and discover a new place, in the progressive city. I will log on and book it. It is great that we go all over and see so much! If it is colder, then we will bundle up and deal with a Florida December day which is not that bad! I may have to change the hotel location and upgrade, but it will be in the area. Availability is the issue, so let me pick the best one for the 24th and 25th nights. Is it ok to do Melbourne first if the hotel picks are better, then the Orlando area second? I will try for three nights in Melbourne and Two Nights in Orlando, is that good? Is two and two better, or three nights in Melbourne? I am fine with two nights in Orlando and three nights on the oceanside of the state. Give me your opinion and I will do the best possible to put us in the best location.

Mckinley P.