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Hotel Reviews
A great thing to do each morning is take that nice sidewalk system that goes all away around the lake and take a stroll with your coffee in hand to wake up. go

Taking Advantage of Bikini Season
This place is very nice and everyone in your group will raved over it. go

Hotel Guests Extra Magic Hours
Everyday one of the Disney Parks opens early or stays open late and the big treat goes to the resort guests. go

Every Day here has been Fantastic
If our children are a bit wired up from the Disney Day, they can hit the big time swimming pool, playground, or play video games. go

Easy Hotel to Review and Love
The lake-side Contemporary Resort has a white-sandy beach, lots of water sports, beach volleyball, tennis, and ferryboat rides. go

A Big Party every Day
Having a beach ball right there at the hotel is a huge benefit. go

Hotels for Location
Enjoy the coolest 18-hole championship golf course which is located conveniently for you to use, right next to the hotel. go

Have it all with one Hotel
Your children will love the slide and adults take advantage of fun, food, and drinks served poolside. go


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Shows in a Theater
It is such a hoot to see and laugh at the on stage events. go

Honor the Judge Mickey Mouse
Meet the cast of the Disney movies new and old. go

Family Vacation Hotels
Simply take the boat taxi to the big nightlife and party scene at Disney Springs. go

Great Disney Birthday Ideas
It is a nice place, totally different than all the other local Theme Parks. go

Mountain Ride
Only about 40 percent of visitors to the park will actually get on this ride. go

Learn and Play Zone
Small children will adore the Affection Section, so plan for at least 30 minutes. go

How to beat the big crowds at Disney Orlando
Kids give it all away with the big smiles on, plus this is where Space Mountain shines bright. go

Disney Resort Reservation

I sure wish I could stack to reward coupons for the hotels, just like I can do at Kohl's department store. Coupon stacking works really good out there in the retail stores, but for the hotel you can only use one discount package. If you search around for a bit, you'll find a discount for every hotel there is an Orlando. I've never seen a town that is all about the discounts like this one. Before you make your Disney resort reservation, do check on what the local prices are for a good mid-level hotel like the Marriott or the Holiday Inn. That's always a good starting point to understanding the price points for hotel rentals. You will find that the Holiday Inn and the Marriott in Orlando are going to be a lot cheaper than in Miami, Naples, or Sarasota. Hotels are cheaper in Orlando because they have overbuilt the area with way too many hotel rooms. During Christmas time and the special holiday seasons, they might get to 85 or 90 percent occupancy. Most the time they have rooms available for use so that's why there are so many discounts.

Sam H.

Happy Vacation Stay

Here it is, the halloween week for Magic Kingdom pleasures. Here are my spider cupcakes just like the best cupcake bakery in Orlando! Specializing in baked goods of the sweet variety is There are five left over for you too. Come see what people have been raving about, and try one for yourself.

Samantha T.