Its a Prime Place to stay While on Vacation in Orlando

So Happy with the Reservation
We stayed for five nights, it was a heck of an adventure. go

Port Orleans
The grounds are absolutely stunning, with rich wilderness in the bayou and perfectly manicured gardens. go

Beach Club Lobby
Everyone enjoys the convenient walk to Epcot in less than five minutes from the Mickey Mouse hotel room! go

Do it All Disney Trip
Rent at Disney or you can rent at the local bicycle shop, thirteen blake boulevard, Celebration. go

A Winner for Guests
This is more like condo style living, with the refrigerator in standard rooms plus the microwave. go

Swimming Pool
Things are not far at all, they have built a fine system of coordinating everything together. go

Swimming Pool
Enjoy two table service restaurants, artist point and whispering canyon cafe with full strength bar cocktails. go

Coronado Springs Swimming Pool
We have been staying here over the years, and it all depends on when you make your reservation. go


Disney Orlando Vacations

Jack Sparrow
About 15 kids get to be involved and learn the tricks to pirate life. go

Chinese Restaurant
I certainly don't have any rice vinegar, but I do have chili sauce and sriracha which is nicely hot. go

On Stage Experiences
During the special weekends things are really great around here like for super soap weekend and ESPN the Weekend, plus their Star Wars Weekend and many others. go

Daily Musical Performances
The length of the shows is just about right because they play maybe six or eight songs total, so it's not two hours it's more of an hour-long or so. go

For all Ages
Very young children in the preschool type age group might have a hard time with it the dark and loud scenes. go

Staying near the Theme Parks
Inside the rooms everything is gorgeous, but you're not spend a whole lot of time inside the hotel rooms. go

Get Poolside Bar Mango Rita
A neat tiki bar sits along side. go

Gearing up for Disney

You want to be sure to take care of all the details and understand the Disney process. Seems to me like a lot of people come to the theme parks and staying at the hotels without fully understanding the benefits. It only took one trip for us to the Art of Animation Resort to figure out how important electronics is to fastpass, buying food and drinks, speeding up the check-in process, and doing all of your Disney dining reservations online. Disney is a progressive company and everything is more of electronic we focus to save time for all people. In the old days a lot of things were done by voice, over the phone. You can do a lot of things electronically and it's about clicking the right buttons and you will have your reservation made. I would not show up here blind without understanding the ins and outs to speed up the process of the day and reduce the line lengths.

Lonnie R.

Happy Staying Overnight

Disney is great after a medical problem or issue to get life back in the brain. I have June 3rd, 9:30am, penciled in for the Beach Club Resort. Either jim or myself will be sure to get you there for this procedure of walking to Epcot. What a party zone so be sure to ask the anesthesiologist for a six pack to go of the stuff he uses to put you under.

I do like the epcot area a lot. It is awesome to head to the millers Ale House or Orlando beer bar right after. Darn I love that central Florida Flea Market so much and Florida Travel Commander, I did not eat all the jalapenos. You left them in the refrigerator, and a great on Pizza hut leftovers. They are still in the mini refrigerator waiting to be eaten. We sure like vacation near the theme parks, and I will bring them Mouse Ears to you on Thursday says mickey mouse loving me!

Nola U.