Nice is the fun-filled animation-themed arcade that kids love

Free Boat Rides
We like to drink alcohol and let the cast members drive us around. go

Beat the Heat
We love bathing suit vacations to Florida! go

Special Places for Families at the Theme Parks
Nemo is a big winner. go

Love the Homemade Teriyaki Sauce
You're going to like the fish-n-chips platter which is a big plate of golden fried fish with safari fries, cole slaw and tartar sauce. go

Out on the Disney Farm
Best of all is Fort Wilderness is right in the middle of the Walt Disney World Complex, so you are very close to the theme parks, water parks, and numerous shopping and dining options. go

Wet Rides Adds Spice
The wet rides are terrific. go

Free Disney Parking is a Treat
As parents, we really enjoy the shows which makes the kids smile. go

Daily at the Main Street Stage
While they do change up their shows periodically, this one has always featured mickey and minnie mouse. go


Specialty Areas

Vacations that will make everyone smile
Only Disney Orlando could come up with such neat splashable play, perfect for all ages. go

Vacation Club Resort
Make sure you check the daily events schedule which will highlight things that you can sign up for or really you just show up at the right time and have some fun with the Disney cast members that lead the festivities, like the hula hoops! go

Happy with a Really Nice Orlando Vacation
Value resorts at Disney Orlando are prime time. go

Camping Winner for Central Florida
Oh my goodness is this the spot for Orlando camping. go

Swimming Pool
If you have any questions just call the front desk, as they will try to answer anything about transportation and advanced ticket purchase. go

Lakeside Hotel
There's lots to do in town so take advantage of it plus great shopping and restaurants that we liked. go

The Prettiest Disney Resort
The big hit are the gigantic heated-pools with huge slides. go


Highly Entertaining

Specialty Areas

People that are going to Disney ought to make sure they get over to the Disney Springs area and check out that Irish Pub. I think that place was more fun than any of the restaurants I have at Epcot Theme Park. It is a restaurant that is all things irish which means lots of different beers on tap. When you get over to the menu, it is a good idea to try some a little different for instance a Portobello burger or the lobster club sandwich. They have a lot of different seafood dishes if you'd rather get up platter full of Good Things to Eat. Even their website is highly entertaining with their irish speaking host. We love the place and wanted to do a review of the restaurant and give it a five star rating on a one to five scale.

Jaclyn F.