Our family makes a full day of each theme park visit

Getting to the Best Shows
The most popular live show for everybody in the family is the Lion King. go

Best Epcot Coffee Cafe
You know after all the walking it really is nice to have something that's flavorful and a little bit of caffeine to boost you and keep you going for your Disney day. go

You can use the Disney dining plan downstairs at the Pizza Window cafe at the BoardWalk. go

Pay Tribute to Past
Splash Mountain was probably the best thing going on and it has such a long build up before the big plunge! go

Learn about the Boat Taxis
It was 66 dollars, plus I will need to get that folding mattress mat. go

Vacation Hotel
Things are always a lot better at these resorts than the traditional ones off of Walt Disney property. go

Animal Care Professionals
The wildlife tracking center at rafiki's Planet Watch in Animal Kingdom has been renovated. go

Epcot is the Best Dining
Epcot is the best dining in Orlando. go


Doing it Right

The Tops in Orlando Vacation Stays
Forget the bus, that is free too, as this old fashioned boat is a real treat for all. go

Splashable Pleasures
The grounds are lovely in the morning, and even at night. go

Circus Pool
Orlando's favorite hotels for Disney are in the Epcot area. go

Orlando Hotels
It is one of the Hotels perfect for the Magic Kingdom. go

Key West Resort Swimming Pool
This hotel is a winner and I can't say enough about the town. go

Swimming Pool
It makes it really fun to stay at the Disney Sports Resort. go

Doubloon Lagoon
I can promise you that if you love swimming and water sports, you will do maga time coming in this wonderful swimming pool. go


Loaded with Activities

Doing it Right

I'm really not sure which is better, a day at one of the theme parks like the Magic Kingdom, or a day just hanging out at the Caribbean Beach Hotel. All of the hotels are a lot of fun, so you can skip a day at The Theme Parks and still have a blast. We love the water sports options and many of the hotels have a marina. All of the marinas are on some picturesque lagoon or lake such as Barefoot Bay which is the lake in the middle of Caribbean Beach. I like the way they are really big and have nice sidewalks connecting all the building properties. Active people will really enjoy the long walks, or bring your rollerblades or your bicycles. The Disney properties are really nice for just cruising around, even a long board would be really good for those that like to skate. I realize that the parks are the best bang and you can't wait to go on Expedition Everest. You're to be shocked on how nice the hotels are, plus loaded with activities.

Wendi Y.