Plan for a lot of surprises during your theme park trip

Best Disney Comedy Show
Meet him and his zany pals try to find the electricity to power the city of monstropolis. go

Wildcat Cheerleader Dance Show
The weekends are the best, and we got to see the Saturday fireworks show that caps off the day, and it was incredible! go

Checking Out the Shops
Late in the afternoon or in the evening is a great time to come over to this big Orlando mega-mall. go

Ride along with Dumbo
Good for kids of all ages is flying dumbo the elephant ride. go

Main Lobby
All the extra amenities provide a lot of dollar value, plus the smiles with more things to do at your hotel. go

Live Events
The street show here is fantastic and a must see plus the food cafe. go

All Ages Theme Park
My family was pleasantly surprised when we explored the rainforest animal trails. go

Makes for a nice Experience
An extra minute or two walk is no big deal in such a beautiful resort. go


Magical Things

Orlando is the best Vacation City
What a Dream Orlando Area Sports Hotel. go

Orlando Area Resort and Golf Destination
There's lots to do in town so take advantage of it plus great shopping and restaurants that we liked. go

Big Giant Entertainment Area
Staying busy all the time is no problem at all because they have loaded up this hotel with anything possible to do in a swimming pool I hope you've had the opportunity to play basketball inside a swimming pool. go

Disney Hotel Discounts
Yes, they all have some sort of arraignment and interconnection for deals and discounts that help each other. go

Swimming Pool
You can't go wrong here if you are a family with children because the kids will have plenty to do all day and they even have a game room plus all kinds of different children's activities throughout the day that your kids can participate. go

Cool Place to Stay
The Chamber of commerce does a lot of advertising to people up north and it just bombard you with the idea of coming down for a Disney trip. go

Last-Minute Reservations
I would not do Typhoon Lagoon unless it's a nice day out because when it's cloudy you get cold on the rides. go


Shockingly Good

Magical Things

Shockingly good is a day or weekend or even better a week stay in Orlando. I really like this town and the city has a lot going on to keep you happy. One of the things I realized is how good the Disney Theme Parks are when you stay at a Disney hotel. No problem, you get a little tired after all day at the Magic Kingdom and hopped right on the Monorail and it drops you right off that your hotel. Within two minutes you can crack an ice cold beer. That is really nice to be so close to quickly get home and get yourself refreshed. Jumping in the Swimming Pool is not so bad either. That is the thing about staying at a hotel here, even when you leave the big fun events, more fun awaits at the hotel. I couldn't believe how nice the food courts are, for quick snacks. They sell beer and wine, and now you can get beer and wine inside all the theme parks as well. Most of the restaurants sell alcohol these days.

Janine E.