Thank goodness we got the magic of annual membership

Chinese Restaurant
Maybe it's because it's such a mysterious place and so few people from Florida ever make it over there. go

Taking a Vacation to Canada is Great
The lands are just too beautiful, many Floridians never get up and see the sights. go

What our Kids Loved
They really know how to pack the full list of activities. go

Searching for the Best Margarita Cocktail
The best way to stay cool is to stop at each of the showcases and get one of their specialty cocktails. go

Disney Bakery
Do not miss this super bakery as you tour the Walking Pathways. go

Learn and Play Zone
Having a couple of small children makes me want to always focus on things that there learning. go

Himalaya Mountain Rollercoaster
This ride is fantastic. go

Eating on the Lake
Toppings are typically pretty standard. go


Disney World Fun

New Orleans at Disney
The free transportation comes every ten or fifteen minutes on a posted schedule. go

Swimming Pool
We really enjoyed the experience because it is spread out nicely and you don't feel like you're crammed into a hotel like the Disney swan, although that has a lot of positive attributes about itself. go

Orlando Area Resort and Golf Destination
The kids can escape to Disney while you play golf! go

Disney Orlando Vacation
Start or end the day with no lines at the parks. go

Swimming Pool
What could be better than getting an extra hour as a benefit to your hotel stay and that's not what you get at the Fairfield Inn or any of the Marriott resorts for that matter. go

Our Choice is the Disney Resort
Here, it's a party pad! go

Party Hotel with Poolside Bar
This is a true party hotel and the best thing going for adults that like to have a lot of fun. go

Something so Special and Unique

Give Hollywood Studios a try, it is better than ever. This is your chance to be a real TV movie star. We have all dreamed of becoming part of the hottest show around, american idol. It is here at Disney's Hollywood Studios Orlando. Go ahead and try your best to live the Disney dream. What a fun idea that they put something so special and unique here at the American Idol Experience. Go early to avoid the longer ride lines. We love to ride Theme Park Rides and smile at the shows.

Randy A.

Disney Ziplines

I went here to the for the zipline-tours. It was fun, but I am not a huge fan of heights or not being in control or zipping through the air by a little cable. Ha for sure, and take me to the animal kindom park. I did it and glad I did it, but not my thing. No, not a chance of me jumping out of an airplane, unless there is no option. Hang gliding is a possibility though. I am weird.

Candice W.