The food at the parks and resorts is just the best

Taking Advantage of Bikini Season
This was a good pick, as we spent a lot of time looking at all the different options for hotels in the Lake Buena Vista area. go

Staying at All-Star Music
Yes, they all have some sort of arraignment and interconnection for deals and discounts that help each other. go

Busy and Modern Fun Resort
The lake-side Contemporary Resort has a white-sandy beach, lots of water sports, beach volleyball, tennis, and ferryboat rides. go

We are heading to the Espn Restaurant tonight because of the Nascar race. go

Splash Water Slide Pool
The white sand beaches and hammocks strung between the trees were a nice touch. go

Quick Service Foods
All Star features no fancy restaurant, but there is the really quick service End Zone Food Court. go

Perfect for all Families
Very special is this upbeat and creative Disney hotel. go

Theme Park Hotel
The music played throughout the resort brings back the feeling of the Old West. go


Get your Reservations Booked

Character Greeting Stations
You can read a lot of different opinions on what's the best way to meet the characters at Disney. go

Do not Miss It
This area of the park is very patriotic including the group of presidents using audio animatronic. go

See the Big Car Stunt Show
Animal lovers will want to get on stage and join the show. go

Best with Kids at Disney
Getting your child on a Disney stage will make their day. go

Shows in a Theater
They have big screen TV to see for close up views even if you are way back in the farthest row in the theater. go

Fantastic for the Family
Direct from the airport is the Disney Express Bus service, they even handle the luggage for you. go

Movie Set Show
Perfect to see lots of classic Disney tv movie favorites is a day at Hollywood Studios. go


Book your Accommodations

Get your Reservations Booked

Book your accommodations early, to get the most flexibility on your Orlando roller coaster vacation. It's nice to get the hotel picked out and over with. Once you know what you're going to stay someplace, then you can shift your focus over to the attractions nearby. I love using google maps, as you can put the address in and click for restaurants nearby. It's nice to get a listing of all the restaurants within about a mile of your location, so you can walk to it, therefore cocktails are not a problem. One of the amenities we like the most is having a poolside bar, like they have at the peabody resort or the Coronado Springs Resort. Make sure you get a giant Swimming Pool, there is no need to have any swimming pools that are only the size of something that it would be in a residential backyard. Just think about a hotel that has one hundred units, you would expect a Swimming Pool to be of proportional size. Orlando is about huge swimming pools, so you might as well get one since most of the hotels have it.

Renaldo A.