There are many great things for families to do

Getting to the Best Shows
This is way better than the movie because it's live! go

Wildcat Cheerleader Dance Show
We all love the crew of east high. go

Pay Tribute to Past
We like to fun stuff in the rides, but there's a lot in the history of Disney and America mixed in. go

Learn to Grow your own Vegetables
Do not expect anything like Test Track or Space Mountain, but it is all future focused. go

Free Transportation
The bus system departure times are every 15 minutes, so leave the car in the parking lot. go

Fantastic for the Family
The whole bus system to get here is fantastic and it goes to all the local attractions. go

Very Bouncy
I would try to do this particular ride again and again. go

Excellent Spot for Younger Kids
I thought the my French neighbor was an excellent shop and I'm glad we went to the Cracker Barrel which is Florida down home cooking. go


Good Things to Share

Staying near Disney
The lake-side Contemporary Resort has a white-sandy beach, lots of water sports, beach volleyball, tennis, and ferryboat rides. go

Orlando Hotels
Hit the ground running after your shower, and miss no magic that way. go

Hotels for Location
You are here within the vicinity of the Magic Kingdom. go

Best pick for Disney Vacations
Going in style is staying at the yacht or Beach Club hotels. go

Party Hotel with Poolside Bar
The Key West Resort takes care of all your transportation needs, so your car just sits in the parking lot! go

The Coolest Hotels
Best of all is the poolside bar with beer to bubbly. go

Orlando Camping Winner
Try to get groceries away from the camp shops, as they are too pricey. go


The Theme Parks

Good Things to Share

These trips to Orlando are outstanding, perfect for those with families or a couple. I was really impressed by how clean everything is at the theme parks and the disney hotels. Even though your super psyched up to get out and do Splash Mountain and Dumbo the Flying Elephant, the resorts are an entertainment option all on their own. This last trip we stayed the Caribbean Beach Hotel, which is about a five-minute drive from the Animal Kingdom Theme Park. They have a bus system if you want to take that, and leave the car in the parking lot. You'll like being on disney property because you can not have more fun, they even have events in the swimming pools at the hotels. We so much got into the Tuesday night dance off next to the Swimming Pool. Each night is something different and that means you can actually skip a day at the Theme Park.

Gus C.