We had a blast and do recommend the disney hotels

Take the Orlando Hotel Discount Packages
We also want to mention the shopping at the Premium Outlet Stores, we like the deals here, as it features a wide range of designer labels for less. go

Good pick for staying Overnight
We enjoyed the end of our trip at Animal Kingdom Lodge very much! go

Close to Orlando Adult Nightlife
It's in the same price point as most of the other brand-name solid offerings in the hotel industry of the area. go

Hotels with the Benefits
Maybe the best part are the pools and extra goodies you get. go

Story Book Orlando Vacation Stay
Plus, you are on I-Drive and can just walk to all sorts of things. go

Loaded with Surprises
Surfs Up and it is loaded with surprises, toss in monster size pools! go

Swimming at the Resort
French doors inside the Beach Club units were a nice surprise. go

All-Star Movies Food Court
Just walk from your room to the main area and then you can get a hot and ready chili cheese hotdog with french fries, a cucumber salad, and coleslaw on top! go


Picking out Hotels

Epcot Pool Bar
We want fun and relaxing Orlando hotel experiences and this tops the list. go

Doing it on an Orlando Budget
Bring copies of the theme park maps out to the swimming pool for everyone to create a must-do list. go

Good Things to Eat
This is a good place to go to get some food to put in your mini refrigerator back at the hotel for late-night snacks. go

Cinderella Castle Photograph
You can pick all sorts of locations of the various resorts and theme parks too. go

Hotel Reviews
It is fun to walk from your hotel room to the central swimming pool area because everything is so gorgeous. go

Disney World of Putt-Putt
It is a big game, something entertaining and enjoyable outdoors. go

Japan Drummers
I would definitely do the boat voyage through Mexico. go


Book your Vacation

Picking out Hotels

Once you get the price point you are looking for, I would go ahead and book your vacation. There's always the risk of bad weather, so if you can pick a hotel that has a good cancellation policy like the Marriott chain, you are better off. I always tell people that are going anywhere on a vacation in Florida, make sure you have wet shoes. Wet wearable shoes are the type that people wear to the beach. In Florida people wear them all day long as you can go from your car, to the shoreline, on Kali River Rapids, and into the restaurants with the same footwear. There are times when people come here on vacation and it is a little soggy. You cannot be stuck in your hotel room so you have to get out and enjoy the fun. It's a lot easier to have a good time when you have wet wearable shoes on, rather than running around in wet socks and shoes. If the weather starts looking miserable, stop by the Walmart in Orlando and get one of those super cheap raincoats, which is really almost disposable but they will last a while. The are found near the camping and sporting goods. With a cheap raincoat and a good pair of wet shoes, the fun never has to stop.

Barry K.