Aladdin on the Magic Carpet

Aladdin on the Magic Carpet

The parade features great characters like Aladdin on the magic carpet. You have nothing to worry about, just be ready about five minutes before the parade. Know the parade route, find some shade, and you are in the perfect spot to enjoy the festivities. Remember to go a bit early before the big Daily Parade and the view is amazing.

Make sure you pay attention to all the details. A lot of times you can just get caught up with the event and you never really pay attention to some of the terrific and creative ideas that they have come up with. I thought the floats were extremely impressive. We probably took at least 1000 photos each day we were inside the park between everybody in our family. All of us bring our smart phones with camera and video capabilities so we are ready.

You just don't know what's gonna come around the corner. I think it's fun to do some creative things with the photography when you get back home so you have some memories to last a lifetime. We stopped that Bulk Nation before we arrive so we had lots of snacks to use throughout the day. Afterwards we went to Flippers Pizzeria and that place was terrific.
Harley W.

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Always a Winner

Why not get car care while at the theme parks, what an idea! Thanks for the update on car care near Disney as actiongator tire was ideal. I think we will just leave it for now and use the free Disney bus service. When we get back in September we will take care of the new weekly condo rental.

What a fun trip and car care at the same time! Florida Travel Commander, did you know about the lighting strike on Disney Monorail, aaahhh! No one got hurt at place where dreams come true, yeah!

Corrine A.


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