All about the great Creation

All about the great Creation

Go on a magical exploration of the enchanted world of Mr Walt Disney. In the Orlando Studios, they have an area fully dedicated to Walt and the team of folks that started this grand tradition. Learn the basics of how they created animation, and see old films of the man in action. We loved to see the old stuff and and get an opportunity to add to your knowledge of the Disney World Experience.
Fritz Y.

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Walt Disney

Walt Disney was something special and there is no doubt about it. We come in every year to Orlando, for about twenty years for the excitement. This town has a lot more fun. If you get a vacation in Florida, the best cities to go to include Lake Buena Vista! I would say that Lake Buena Vista is the number one city to vacation in and Florida. This is all because of walt. We thought Hollywood Studios exceeded our expectations for adult pleasures. Kids have a great time, there is no need to worry about the kids having Big Smiles on their face. The kids want to go on the Aerosmith roller coaster and Tower of Terror. We are happy learning about walt himself and seeing all of what has been created.

Natalie J.

One Man's Dream

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Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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