Orlando Multi-Sports Experience

Enjoy a day's admission to watch a variety of events at the nine athletic venues which are where the kids play. Children Participate in the Multi-Sports Experience (just be sure to check the daily event schedule in advance). Free with an annual pass, daily tickets may be purchased at front gate of the ESPN World of Sports complex" class="comment9">Wide World of Sports Complex.

I was trying to find some batting cages, this seemed perfect. Maybe a summer camp would be nice for the children, baseball or golf. You can Practice Sports at ESPN Orlando.

Put this on the to do list with kids in orlando. What a hoot of fun. Go early and make it a full day and that's especially true with kids. Plus they exercise a lot and will need to load up on food after. We went to Ocean Prime Orlando for dining.
Virginia L.

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Gymnastics is huge at Wide World of Sports

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah for the Lithuanian girl who won the gold medal. Disney did a nice job with the gymnastics competition inside the big arena. Sports is growing in Orlando. Lithuanian is special, as that is where my ancestors are from. Well, actually not my ancestors, my Grandparents.

Letitia J.

Sports Fans

The ESPN Club cafe game is fun with all the hoola-hoola pre game. The patriots are too cool and maybe it is good for them, or seattle Oregon has legal marijuana so I vote for them! I have my music on of course. Do you remember, that I have tunes and TV on separate systems plus my thirty two inch computer monitor going. I am sort of a big bang theory tech world dude. Maybe we should video chat sometime like they do on the show. I love it when they talk to the parents from india!

Constance W.

Sports Nuts

The mike and mike fifteen year reunion brought tears to my eyes at Disney Springs (new, you have no clue)! The wives were fantastic for sure, plus the new changes to the old Disney Springs. Where else can you watch them for four hours, or hop on the bike and listen to them for four hours, and when heading to work, turn on the radio and mike is mike is there. If a one hour judge judy makes forty seven million per year, how much can a four hour on national radio and TV earn? I am a huge fan.

Luke J.

Wide World of Sports

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