All the Favorite Sports Games

All the Favorite Sports Games

The Espn Club at the BoardWalk and the wide world of sport complex really shows Orlando how to do sports. They dominate with the big sports complex. All top of the line: soccer playing fields, nighttime lights, and audio systems. We love the sports games, and next is the splitsville bowling alley!

Very enjoyable for the children is the opportunity to play in one of these soccer leagues that they have here at Disney Orlando. My son was ecstatic about coming here and participating in this summer time event.

The soccer fields are absolutely gorgeous and there's a whole bunch of them so you're playing all of the time and not waiting around. Most people think about Mickey Mouse and it's the Magic Kingdom and rides like Space Mountain, but sports is a huge part of what goes on.
Nathaniel Y.

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You can check the schedule and sign your child up ahead of time. I would tell all parents that are going to be here with young children to take advantage of the situation and it's great fitness, plus a learning experience at the same time. I don't think my son is ever run so much ever in his life, and smiling the whole time.

The fun at the Sports Park fair is by far secondary, so let's get the door finished instead. Using disney hotel colors was a great idea. I love the colors at the Animation Resort in the bedrooms.

We can go on friday to the Animal Kingdom parade and take back the purchases that did not work and buy new stuff. Looking forward to Emeril's Tchoup Chop and trying the Texas De Brazil cafe. I am very glad the hinges worked well and the door is freshly painted, plus it opens nicely without scrapping. That was a lot of progress. There are plenty of festivities and we will be going to the Orlando Marriott in a few weeks anyway!

Branden E.

World of Sports

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