Another Big Sightseeing Area

Another Big Sightseeing Area

Entering the Mexican pavilion is a lot different than the other places around the Epcot showcase. Once you go inside it's dark and really cool, and probably the best place to chill out after all the sun. You going to get hot on your day here, especially if it's above eighty-five degrees.

The best way to stay cool is to stop at each of the showcases and get one of their specialty cocktails. At least once in a while you can get a drink to cool off, even if it's a big iced tea with lemon and it.

If you get Hungry why not go with the chimichangas or the big nacho plate. I love those frozen red sangria popsicles that you can buy and the mango daiquiri.
Hollie J.

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Searching for the Best Margarita Cocktail

You then climb some stairs as you enter a giant Mayan Temple, inside you will be pleasantly surprise to find an active marketplace. It is an early evening styled up inside, dimly lit and it gets you in the mood for a margarita cocktail. Get your margarita frozen on the rocks, with a beer chaser. Away from the parks, try Nicks Family Diner and the International House of Pancakes for dining.

Ellen R.

Epcot Mexico

1510 Avenue of the Stars
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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