Belly Flop Super Pool

Belly Flop Super Pool

Bring your little ones to sing and dance and play at the swimming pool events. Check the board, they have them each day. Kind of a just for kids festival. The dining is good for breakfast before everyone votes for their favorite park. Give Port Orleans Resort the 5 star rating.

The pleasures of a vacation can only be enhanced by a super Swimming Pool! This is a wonderful place for everybody, no matter what the age. The Swimming Pool is only just the beginning of all that is special, and the swimming pool bar here is named muddy rivers pool bar.

I love those frozen cocktails where they are either orange or red, or green, and when you sip on them they just taste fantastic. We like to get a little buzz on while we enjoy the festivities. That is why they sell alcohol in Florida, so we can drink it and then go on a roller coaster ride!

We went out to dinner for a few times and have to give a big thumbs up to the house of Pizza and the Greek Corner Restaurant. If you want to do is sit down type of meal and try something different there is a Melting Pot not too far away. I think this is an outstanding part of Florida for a vacation for families. You will stay busy the whole time and there's so many different opportunities to get wet, go out, and of course plenty of scary rides.
Bruno U.

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Man Island

You get a little bit of extra fun at the mid-level resorts, which works good for us. Not too expensive and loaded with amenities. One thing people don't realize about the Disney system, if you need extra towels just call the front desk and they'll drop them off for you. Or you can always go to the front desk anytime you're heading towards the pool and they will give you towels if you ask for them.

Solomon O.

Swimming Pool

Space is great in the room with a dresser complete with tv. Fun can be found around every corner, so it is ultra family friendly. This Food Court only has a few serving stations, the selection of items is still great plus near by rossi's Pizza cafes. The pool is open twenty four hours, which I thought was a neat treat. The boat normally runs from 11am to 11pm. Large instruments, party favors, and masks hang from the ceiling in the dining area.

Ina H.

Port Orleans Riverside

1251 Dixie Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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