Best for Summer

Best for Summer

Any warm day is a great day to hit either of the fantastic Disney Water Parks. We spent a lot of time down at the beach. Here is a shot of Downhill Double Dipper, a thrilling ride straight down the shoot. Try this slide if you dare! We had a super time.

We came away super pleased with everything that they have here to do with the slides and Innertube Rides. You go very fast and there's some bumpy parts to everything plus you can tip over and smash into something to some degree.

They have a great safety staff watching over everything. It is nice that the lifeguards are watching pretty much everything they can see and because they're so many of them, human drownings really never happen. I love the way they keep the water just at the right temperature relative to the outside air temperature at the time of year.
Ramiro U.

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Safety Staff

They make sure the water is just the right temperature in the summertime, and not too hot like some of the Florida pools that don't have a cooling system. This is the only state where you just don't need a heated pool, you need a Swimming Pool that can be adjusted for temperature whether it's cooler or hotter.

It seems that my laptop has no use anymore at disney world, even at the Marriott orlando for instance. With the phablets, phones, voice to text and the rest, my laptop needs not be packed ever again. That is something I would not have predicted 10 years ago. Oh well, I love my new tech toys and gps navigation to Ahmed Indian Restaurant and Nagoya Sushi cafe.

Galen B.

Blizzard Beach

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