Best of the Daily Surprises

Best of the Daily Surprises

Plan to spend the most time in the Epcot China Showcase. Do this area during lunch time and get some yummy egg rolls and fried rice. Take your family on a special journey through china's historical cities and scenery at the circle vision 360 degree movie. Daily performances in the courtyard highlight some supreme gymnastics.

They are fantastic to see and such a wonderful street act, and there are plenty. If it's rainy, they will not perform. There are some things you miss but at least you can go down and Drink Cold Bass Ale Beer! There are plenty of good restaurants to go in and eat while you're waiting out a storm, and you know the Chinese food is about as good as it gets.

Florida Travel Commander, that's great on the China egg rolls by the dozen. I hope the weather improves a little bit. It was very rainy today in Orlando. Having good weather is a big deal and for most people it does the make or break on whether you're going to have a good time or not.
Allyson H.

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Keep the Smiles On, as even if it's rainy you can enjoy your day at the theme parks because the lines get much shorter. The rain can affect some of the performances, such as the Chinese high flying Acrobats.

Everything is super authentic, and that means a lot to me. No matter where you eat, the place to be is somewhere outside enjoying the Patio Dining in the people watching. More places we like, the Taverna Opa Orlando and the Mayflower Restaurant for dining.

Shopping at Best Buy is nice for tv's just like inside the Swan Hotel rooms! I had to get 720P because 1080P was Smart and I don't want that. It will arrive between Mar 17-22, just before we go back to the nearby Fairfield Inn hotel.

Mari T.

Epcot China

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