Brew Pub I-Drive

Brew Pub I-Drive

Thank goodness Orlando has some nice craft beer bars to pick from and this is our favorite. Let me start with the menu that is definitely excellent for everything from the chicken wings to the avocado egg rolls. The avocado egg rolls were something that caught my eye on the menu right away so I had to try them and I love chicken wings because are hot.

Cold beer has a friend with chicken wings with that hot and spicy buffalo sauce. The wings here are served with plenty of extra sauce for dipping the celery sticks and the chicken in. For sure they have signatures sauces that make it special and I love the garlic parmesan. The brew house barbecue sauce is good to dip your french fries into.

This restaurant is right on International Drive in the heart of the action not too far from sea world Orlando. The french fries they have are really good because there season just so nicely and I like the wedge cut style. They have a very good crispy thin style of french fries so you can pick your favorite. For a group appetizer maybe the mozzarella sticks which are good with kids or the family, it's a winner and so is the potato skins platter. I did not want to forget to mention the great Pizza menu and they make them good. The pizza dough is baked to a golden brown crust and is just the right texture to pile high.

Pick your pizza toppings with all the different kinds of vegetables, onion, pepperoni, jalapeno, and whatever else you want on top. The spicy pig is one of the best pizzas they make with ham, pineapple, smoked bacon, jalapenos, and a five cheese blend on top. This place will get you hungry as soon as you walk in the door so come with the thirst and come with some hunger pains.
Columbus K.

BJ's Brewhouse

8103 International Drive
Orlando FL 32819

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