Christmas Day Parade

Christmas Day Parade

I can tell you little secret about the Disney December month that is good to know. The Christmas Day parade is actually taped somewhere around December one or maybe is December three, but it's always somewhere in the beginning of December. They try to pick a good weather so it is beautiful outside and that'll make a lot better product, because they are gonna play this on Christmas Day to the world. You can be here during the entire process that the abc television company does the taping of the event!

I think it's extra lucky for sure to see the Holiday Parade videotaped live a month earlier than it's tv showing date. What's neat about that is you get to have a month or so to think about it and then see how it looks on tv, as you get to watch it played on Christmas Day. It's really something cool and very rare indeed. When they are taping the parade it's not quite like a normal parade which just keeps going seamlessly and never stops until it's over.

They stop and start the parade from various parts just to get something corrected or to get the cameras ready for the next special part of the show to be taped by the video cameras. You will see cameras everywhere and even right next to you and some will be aiming at you! This is one time you want to definitely put on all of your Disney clothing and look as good as you can because that will increase the likelihood of you being on tv. The camera people like to pick out the cute couple or that cute family that's dressed nicely and some Mouse Ears won't hurt your chances of getting on tv!

You have to book a little bit earlier for the Christmas season, as it's nothing like summer when you can just call up Pop Century at the last minute and get a room with no issues at all. This time you need to book early otherwise you'll end up in north Orlando at one of those hotels which is a little bit too far for me and my tastes. Our family likes to be close and the next trip are gonna stay at the Art of Animation Resort, because it is super much Disney themed.
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Christmas Day

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