Climb in for the Ride

Climb in for the Ride

The Great Movie Ride is the perfect ride for families and for parents with younger kids. It is nice they have some of these rides at Disney Hollywood Studios. Both of my children enjoyed this movie focused ride. No fast pass, and we waited about 10 minutes to hop on the tram.

We thought this was a great ride, we've been on it about three times now. Most things you're probably not going to repeat that often, because you're too busy in a short timeframe. We are Florida residents and got the annual pass and therefore we have gotten to go on some things many times like Expedition Everest.

It is nice to be able to get off of your feet every once in a while, and that is the best part of the Indoor Rides that are slower. You get the story, and of course there's all kinds a good Disney characters along the way to make it entertaining.
Elbert K.

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Wicked Witch

This ride does have some loud sound effects and some gunfire. I know they change it around sometimes of my not be the same anymore, plus there's a lot of music and storytelling by the driver.

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Sammy C.

Great Movie Ride

351 South Studio Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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