Coffee Company

Coffee Company

Thank goodness Citywalk has a fantastic coffee shop for that pick me up. I always need to stop and get something hot with lots of caffeine before I do the walking through the theme parks. Is a pleasure to sit outside with the view of all the people cruising by, which makes it even extra special compared to any normal type coffee shop around town.

I did notice on the news that they were making a big stink over the change in the Christmas cups, to the solid red, rather than the different holiday style cup save used in the past. Everybody's trying to be super green, and the special seasons are something to be cherished. That it is cooling-off, I attended drink a little more coffee than I do during the summer time Theme Park visits.

It's great to have some coffee when the music band is going over at the stage area, both here and over at the Epcot band stand music playing area. This place is more than about just getting your caffeine going as the food is much better now and they have a nutritional menu so you know what you're putting inside of your body.

They claim to be the best kept secret in really delicious food, and it's fast service which is what I like best. They say their food is made with the super care and quality just like their hot coffee and I agree. Go ahead and give them a high rating for any time you need that cup of brew for a pick me up for here or before the Fun on International Drive for sure!
Trenton G.

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Coffee Brews

Ok, stu, we will get some coffee brews here when we first arrive. Thank goodness the condo rental has a nice kitchen for breakfast, so please get some eggs and milk for coffee in the morning.

Coffee keeps me going all day, plus I have some veggies in the frig. Since you aren't coming until Tuesday, I will put them in the trunk and bring them tomorrow. I need them for breakfast - spinach, onion, mushroom, then off to theme park pleasures of your choice.

Titus Q.


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