Food Zone at Hollywood Studios

Food Zone at Hollywood Studios

What a pleasure it was to stop into one of these original kind of restaurants. It was nice for sure and we had been wanting to eat here for years. Every time we get to one of the theme parks, everything steamrolls and many times you never end up getting to eat where you really wanted too.

This is not a normal restaurant and you will be very surprised when you walk in. I wish it was a little bit more visible, since it's kind of dark inside for the Movie Theater part of the show.

I wanted to take some photographs in there but it will disrupt every body with a flash in the dark. He said the car that will hold six people but to people is all you need to get a table.

It is a good place and I would recommend it highly. They open at eleven am, which is actually a decent time to go get a bite if you have gotten to the amusement park first thing in the morning. Just how cool is food and a movie at the same time inside of a car, as part of the themed dining that they have here in the restaurant.
Van F.

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Dinner and a Movie

You can drink beer and wine here, which makes it nice for over 21. Adults can buy beer and wine at all the disney parks. We would say this is probably the best of the Disney parks for nightlife and adults.

Lane O.

Unique Dining

This one I would recommend to all people and is really good for the adult population. I have to admit this one is much better than the other Theme Parks here in Orlando.

Hollywood Studios is prime, what a thrill that is to take in the rides. Fast rides are kind of scary. Stop at Cookes of Dublin and bring that in to snack on all day.

Nathanial Y.

Dine in Theater

351 South Studio Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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