Coolest Golf in Orlando

Coolest Golf in Orlando

You can play golf at least one day when you're here on vacation. We always bring our clubs plus you can rent some at the clubhouse if you don't want to bother with the expansiveness of taking them on the airline. For those of you that are Florida residents you get a discount on the golf and the same thing goes with The Hotel Rooms.

I would certainly bring some food so you don't have to spend any money at the clubhouse restaurant which is a little pricey. Make sure you sneak your beer in your cooler and don't show it. You can drink beer on the Disney Golf Course but you don't want to make a big deal about it, so keep it hidden unless you're taking a sip. I lost about a dozen golf balls as there's a lot of water and some really dense tree foliage areas.

The championship Disney Golf tournament is a monthly event being added to the local Orlando golf event list. This will be held at the Disney courses, rotating as scheduled. The pre-tournament starts with restaurant festivities at Epcot. Pro-am to be held on Friday, and the major focus is the amateur tournament. Orlando area professional golfers play here on a daily basis.
Saundra C.

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Play Eighteen Holes

Oh my goodness did we have the best time playing golf at a fancy place like this. We also like Ventura Country Club Golf Course to play 18 holes. Enjoyment is what your vacations are all about in Orlando, the home of Mickey Mouse and more things to do than you can ever think of. Some people might not want to bring their golf clubs because your more busy than say if you were in Ocala or Fort Lauderdale, but we wanted to play eighteen holes and had a good time.

Make sure you pick a hotel that has a refrigerator, and that's why it is good that you were joining us to visit. When you get to the hotel it will be filled up with beer, water, ice tea, and some food. Sometimes being one day late is a good thing. There is salad in the Hotel Refrigerator so help yourself. Good is have a place to store the leftovers.

Dino M.

Magnolia Golf Course

1950 Magnolia Palm Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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