Daytrip to Epcot China

Daytrip to Epcot China

Just one of the best acts, shows, and live entertainment happens daily at Epcot. They are so good and providing compelling things to see and do. See the movie where you get to explore china in 360 degree style. See parts of beijing, shanghai, the forbidden city, and the great wall.

My favorite thing to do it all of the theme parks is to come over to Epcot and check out the World Showcase. You can spend an hour in each place, if you are into worldly goods and learning about different cultures.

One of the most important things to do in this China Showcase is to watch the Chinese High Flying Acrobats. A very entertaining Epcot Day trip it was. Most of the showcases have Special Events that are held periodically through the day.
Oliver L.

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Nothing beats these Acrobats as they really can toss and turn and fly through the air. They put plates on their heads and walk around stacked up superhigh, very similar to Cirque du Soleil at Disney Springs, but here it's free as part of your ticket price to get in.

It's a full day, trust me because there are so many places to go. Shopping for Treasures is just what I like and they have it from everywhere in the world. On our top list is Christner's Prime Steak and Lobster Restaurant and the Korean cuisine Beewon cafe.

Esperanza G.

Epcot China

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