Our Hotel was Excellent

Our Hotel was Excellent

Picking out a hotel near Mickey Mouse has become really easy because you have lots of good choices. I was completely impressed by the different price points You get to Choose from when selecting your room for booking. This particular hotel has regular rooms and all kinds of fancy rooms if you're looking for something with a little more pizzazz.

We are a family of three and just needed two queen-size beds, and were looking for a really good price. Last year we stayed at Pop Century Resort and loved it, but we wanted to try something different on International Drive. This is the nightlife area of town that's very close to all of the rollercoaster rides.

It is centered pretty much right in the middle of the Disney complex, SeaWorld park, and Universal Studios. It was really nice watching the disney channel on the television set in the hotel room where they have a special channel dedicated to getting you psyched up for local attractions. As soon as we got in the room we found that channel that goes over all the things in the area, which is need to have on while you're showering and getting ready for your next activity. Make sure you look closely at the hotel photographs, especially of the Swimming Pool. Some people like the super large swimming pools and others just want something decently size that's clean and big.

Most people choosing a hotel will probably either pick one of the disney resorts or something over here around International Drive and the fun spot Theme Park. We had a blast and it only took about ten minutes to get to Epcot and of course we love Restaurant Row Orlando. Any of the hotels that have really good Guest Services is nice for me. I would recommend going to the NBA City restaurant one evening, and you can take the bus or ride your bicycle from the hotel to get to it.

Use the front desk for coupons, and the Orange County Chamber of Commerce has an office where you can stop in and get all sorts of coupons and freebies. You can expect to have a busy day and a great evening, plus the bedding was super soft and cozy. To me this was a much better option over the DoubleTree Universal. From the hotel you can easily walk to the mini Golf Course and Fun Spot Park.
Graciela Z.

Rosen Center

9840 International Drive
Orlando FL 32819

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