Driving the Petty Race Cars

Driving the Petty Race Cars

Some things you just have to do because they stick out like a sore thumb. Of all the challenges between the different kinds of rides that you can do at the theme parks, this is totally different. Going fast is what everybody likes even at Test Track when the cars do not go free. If you want to go a little slower go over to the Magic Kingdom and try the indianapolis or Indy Speedway car race which is in Tomorrowland.

Each trip we come to Orlando we try to do different things and this was something that always was on our minds because we saw so many tv shows about it. This is a good town to do other stuff away from the Theme Park sometimes like pirate cove miniature golf and do not miss Disney Springs which has free parking. We have a lot of fun doing stuff on International Drive and race fans have to go to the Nascar restaurant nascarsportsgrille.com over at Universal Studios at some point on one of your trips.

Sports junkies will like going in a car at 150 miles an hour or more, but I guess you could do that in your own car if you had the right kind a corvette on a lonely road somewhere. This experience is what it's all about since they get you set up, teach you about the process, and you might even break the track record and when an annual pass to Disney world!
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Race Car Trip of a Lifetime

Too bad they moved this to daytona beach. What fun, Take your family on the race car trip of a lifetime. Disney's Family Experiences feature slow rides that kids love and smile on.

orlando is a super Good zone with lots of Must-See sights, fun rides, and unique Hidden Mickey Treasures. Plus the Blizzard Beach is so fun. Good for small children with family-friendly activities that are fun For all Ages! Special for us was the Furniture Factory Outlet for shopping and Howard Johnson for Staying Overnight.

be sure to video everything. Key is audio settings, as Moving it up to -15 did provide nice ambient sound. I use a dynamic mic, no power, a real cheapy. Adjusting the microphone to -21 or -24 had excellent voice sound and low level ambient noise. Also, I tried my cheapy headset microphone, that I was using my laptop and it sounded fantastic when testing it today. It appears the default audio that I am publishing to youtube is AAC, 128kbps, forty four kHz, Stereo. Using an external mic is the solution to improving youtube audio for all of the disney Theme Park Rides.

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Richard Petty Experience

3450 North World Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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