Restaurant Row with Bars

Restaurant Row with Bars

We love it here because of the music and authentic photography and video. Now I like to not only eat and have cocktails, but the T-shirts and sweatshirts are like giving gold. Everyone loves the vibe.

Do not miss the shopping area, with very cool wearables: jackets, head caps, and more gifts. Go with the Quesadilla Dish, it is a winner with the grilled chicken and pineapple, it really adds a zing. Loaded with goodies like sauces, melted real jack cheese, veggies, and fresh guacamole. Always nice with the sour cream on the side. Good to split to start.

Love the appetizers and the overall menu is loaded with goodies. Good luck getting past the appetizer list. Orlando's very best Quesadilla Recipe is here.
Carolyn J.

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Orlando has the neatest places for Appetizers

The two I like best are the Quesadilla (Grilled chicken, tortillas, bbq sauce, pineapple, monterey jack cheese, jalapenos, guacamole, salsa and sour cream) and the Bodacious Tenders (Boneless chicken tenders, spicy sauce, celery sticks and fat-free blue cheese dressing). In town, the Cafe Tu Tu Tango rocks for tapas and pure appetizer eating.

Shelia R.

If you get Hungry

Good food is waiting for dinner at the music cafe at Citywalk, plus the Hot Dog Hall of Fame! There is pf chang with rice in the All-Star Sports refrigerator if you get hungry, help yourself. The swimming fun will get you hungry every time at this super hotel. Orlando is so good about dining options especially around the theme parks.

Trevor D.

Hard Rock Citywalk

6000 Universal Boulevard
Orlando FL 32819

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