Expedition Everest Rollercoaster

Expedition Everest Rollercoaster

Children will really enjoy this fabulous eco-adventure park, as it is a beautiful way to spend the day, plus roller coasters too! Everything is designed to be just like the animal's natural habitat. There are acres of fun places to visit and things to do in each corner of the park.

Have you heard about the legend of the yeti. Make sure you know all about what's going on at this ride before you go up. The ruler of the mountain is the yeti, and he can cause all kinds of problems with the railroad service. A lot of fun is climbing up mount Everest with thirty four people, that is the posted maximum for each of these steam train cars.

We are big fans of the scary rides. Even some of the stuff you can watch at the theme parks like the Extreme Stunt Show will get your adrenaline going. This time we decided to stay at the Rosen Center over on International Drive and liked it. Just about anywhere in the main area you will have lots of things close by for eating and getting out. Try the Pollo Tropical restaurant for fast food excellence and for cocktails my vote goes to Howl at the Moon restaurant.
Adolph D.

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The front row is the scariest by far, you want to avoid that. If you go to try to take a video, go with one of the seats near the back so you get a little bit of the windbreak by the people in front of you. If you try to do onboard video of Everest in the front row, you better be good at using your software to get rid of the wind noise.

Your heart will be pumping as you go through the bamboo forests which are the beginning of the ride and then it is time to head straight up mount Everest and we hope you make it back alive!

Sheldon I.

Everest Rollercoaster

2901 Osceola Parkway
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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