Entrance to the Theme Park

Entrance to the Theme Park

When you exit the Disney Parking Tram, they drop you at the Oasis Area of the Park. Enter the gates and enjoy a beautiful area of lush gardens that guide you to the center of the park. Because nearly everyone has electronic ticket information, the lines go fast getting into the front gate.

You will notice a lot of the kodak picture spots that are identified for you all over the Theme Park. Animal Kingdom is really great for photos because of the jungle and the animals. We tried to take a picture at every single spot that looked outstanding.

You can really tell which are the good photograph locations, because the Photopass people will be hanging out in that area. Over in the Magic Kingdom, you'll always have people in front of Cinderella Castle, as that is the perfect backdrop for that particular park. Inside the animals Zoo, I think the Photopass spot that has Expedition Everest in the backdrop, is the number one place to get a photo.
Essie L.

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Picture Spot

Definitely take a photo everywhere you see the kodak picture spot! I was actually thinking kodak got out of the camera making business, but I could be wrong. We had a good day and so much love the African Dance and the Character Greetings.

The only issue was with my wheelchair going around. Yes I did hit someone and they hit me, perhaps some percentage of this event was my fault. Maybe 30%, not sure. I just do not know, since I did not see how fast the other electric mobility ride was going. I am not ashamed to take blame, but I don't think it was my fault. Either way, what a super time, and no injuries in either mobility unit is great. With so many electric rides on the pathway roads, some risk of collisions is just part of disney theme park life.

Please do not worry, all is fine. Plus you have to save the Lion King Kitty from the skinny white lion king Lion King Kitty-cat! Place our votes for Olympia Restaurant and the Cracker Barrel for Dining nearby.

Alexandria S.

Animal Kingdom

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