Even more of the Show

Even more of the Show

That is one funny looking Disney jeep! Did you notice the front bumper of the jeep, that looks like a duck bill, plus the eyes are the lights. These people are very creative. It must be fun working in this kind of environment where people get to have ideas like what color do you want to hubcaps to be on your jeep.

Pulling a boat even adds a little bit extra to the whole Donald Duck showcase. He's a star, and everybody loves him. I really don't know any kids at all that do not like donald duck. Every now and then I'll ask somebody if they like a specific character maybe Pluto, and you typically get a great response.

This is where you want to get your photography. Donald duck's up on the float in this particular parade, many of the cast member characters are going to walk right up next to you with their hands out to shake or to autograph.
Miguel T.

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Enjoy the Musical Street Party

One of the coolest Orlando Daily Parades, your children will certainly enjoy the show. Perfect for those kids under about 12 years old, but adults will enjoy the musical street party as it cruises through the park. The parade route takes it through Africa and Asia. In front of the Tusker House is a nice place to watch from.

Video taping at disney is so fun. Mics and Video Cameras are just part of video here and cast members do not mind at all. Seeing the microphone is not a problem anyway. Try to hide the microphone, but do not worry. I see it everywhere, on the Today Show, Leno, David Letterman, and on How to do Florida. Whatever it takes for good audio!

make sure you try Panera Bread for dining and Once Upon a Toy for shopping. There is lots to do in town too.

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Animal Kingdom Parade

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