Excellent Orlando Area Family Hotel

Excellent Orlando Area Family Hotel

Being prepared to fill up the hotel refrigerator is what is key for the fabulous Disney hotels. When I'm on vacation and heading over to Orlando the first thing I think about is do I have enough beer to stock up the hotel refrigerator? They have a place not too far from the Pop Century Resort called Winn-Dixie grocery winndixie.com store. They have all kinds of beer and wine. You can look them up online and see what kind of deals they have because it's all on the web and advertised.

Staying with Free Transportation allows the adults to drink beer and wine a bit! They usually have eighteen packs of budweiser for a pretty good price and busch light beer. It's a lot better to buy the beer ahead of time because you will save a ton of cash on those huge Disney beers. Oh my goodness they look so good after you been walking for a long time and there goes ten dollars just like that. When you go to the winn-dixie website just click on savings and that gives you the option to see the weekly ad. Click on the weekly ad button and then you'll see the circular to click on and that will bring it up in full size view.

I love staying at Disney a lot because it's fun and all of the hotels have mini refrigerators inside for the beer and the food. Bring all your snacks and buy them ahead of time. They always have good chicken wings on sale here and I really like to go mainly when it's buy one get one free chicken breasts. The mashed potatoes and the deli are very good and always tasty, plus they sell whole complete tropical pineapples, the fresh kind that you can use to make mixed drinks in the blender. Do stock up your fancy Disney World Hotel refrigerator with pride!

Always bring a blender with you on vacation because they don't have it in the Pop Century or All-Star Movies resort rooms. It is on my own personal checklist to bring your own blender for margaritas in the room. You can get all the coffee you need from the hotel staff members. We used to call the maids, but they are people now and so nice here. Ask for help, they always smile and point you in the right direction.

I love the coffee they have in the hotel room, and you can get as much as you want so coffee is free. It's no big deal to make coffee in the room and only takes a second and you can use the milk up in the Food Court to put your coffee rather than any of the powdered stuff.

Forget the powdered milk when Staying in Style. Drink fresh milk and save your bad intake for drinking tropical cocktail alcohol! What fun we always have and we do a lot of swimming in the pool and had a good meal out at the therustyspoon.com cafe. Taking advantage of a disney vacation means using the Swimming Pool as much as you can. If you can wear the type of clothing that can get wet and all you need to do is change your shirt, like having your bathing suit underneath ladies.

Things are a lot better here and you can have more fun. Give this resort the highest possible rating, just the best!
Jennie C.

Pop Century

1050 Century Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830
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