Space Center Ride

Space Center Ride

Oh is this a good one, as you dare to be on a rocket ship and blast into the outer-galaxy past shooting stars and other-worldly celestial satellites. A family and children's favorite, twist and turn in a tumult of fun as you launch into the inky blackness of deep-deep space. At Disney Orlando, it's one giant leap for fun!

Ultra scary things to do at disney includes the dark rollercoaster. All the rides at Disney World are entertainment thrillers. What to do first at Disney World, the Magic Kingdom for sure. The Space Mountain attraction is excellent For all Ages.

Space travel at Disney Orlando could not be any easier. The ride itself was actually changed quite a bit over the years as it has gone through four different re-builds. Each time they have fixed it up to make it faster and a little more scary so now it is flat out a big thrill.
Weldon Y.

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Big Thrills

Each of the rocket cars holds four people but sometimes they'll just let two people go together when they're not too busy. If you have a group of three, often they'll take somebody out of the single rider line to fill the gap.

The line moves pretty quickly because the ride is continuous with lots of cars as part of the space train. On another note, Tomorrow should be a Big Day for Uber surge pricing since Trump is coming to town.

We are going to be at Hidden River Recreational Vehicle Park overnight. Also, Wonderworks is an entertaining idea to do away from the theme parks.

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Space Mountain

1180 Seven Seas Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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