Very nice Room Rentals

Very nice Room Rentals

We were very happy with All-Star Sports desk services, that are great with suggestions to do. Booking a room at the disney resorts is so easy these days. The key to getting a fast Check-in at Disney is do all the online stuff first, long before you arrive. Being a local is nice as Florida residents save at the waterparks and hotels.

Things are always a lot better at these resorts than the traditional ones off of Walt Disney property. All the extra amenities provide a lot of dollar value, plus the smiles with more things to do at your hotel.

The staff members are good at putting you in a building that is your preference if a room is available. If you study the resort map closely, you can see the rooms and what you might want to be in as far as the building. Ask them, and they will answer with a smile no matter what.
Kurt J.

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Main Lobby

Right from the beginning you'll be impressed with the Cleanliness and the decorations. I think this kind of place just makes it a lot more fun to be on vacation. Every minute is activities and they have special things for kids to do if you want to sign up or just show up. Every day you need to check the event schedule because they have all sorts of fun and activities going on near the Swimming Pool area.

The huge main Swimming Pool is called Surfboard Bay. On the upper end of the building is the super-sized baseball swimming pool. My kids wanted to get a room next to the giant tennis ball can. The five sports themes are all good rooms and locations. Closest to the main lobby is the Surfs Up building, great for pool access.

Otis G.

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1701 West Buena Vista Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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