Flat Bread Pizza

Flat Bread Pizza

I love the italian flat bread which to me is pizza perfection. Whatever I get here I use a lot of crushed red pepper because, I really do like it spicy hot. You might want to go for the artichoke Pizza, to try something different or maybe the meat lovers.

Key to me to for really good italian cooking a lot of times is the pizza dough or the crust, it means a lot. It's up to you, so ask for your toppings to be loaded on or kind of thin, if you want your flat bread on the light side. The cooks here will accommodate whatever you have a preference for, so speak your mind to the wonderful servers helping you to decide what to get off the menu.

A lot of pizza toppings is a good thing to me and I like them loaded up high. Bacon is good on pizza, with artichoke, crushed red pepper, pineapples, and red onions. They seem to know just the right amount of everything including the olive oil and the seasoning blends. What about pasta, like the moms lasagna with crumbled meatballs, sausage chunks, and ricotta cheese. It just is all about being busy on vacation where you get a lot more hungry than you do on a normal day.

We typically prefer not to eat at the theme parks because we are focused on the rides, rather we have a place like this great International Drive restaurant picked out so we can have a wonderful time away from the parks eating some healthy foods. The restaurant is excellent, I like the food they serve here. Everything is very professionally managed and run from the kitchen to the front of the house, so way to go to all the staff!
Fredrick K.


9101 International Drive Suite 2400
Orlando FL 32819-8120

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