Where to find Magical Powers

Where to find Magical Powers

Plan on at least an hour visiting all of the iconic places made famous in the series. Heading down Hogsmeade's Main Street, stop into shops like Ollivanders for magic wands. The Forbidden Journey ride is exhilarating as we fly high above the castle grounds with Harry.

It is fun to do this area. So good for kids is a day at the park. If my kids get good grades, we come here for the day. It is nice to be in the area.

Big fans we are of the forbidden journey ride, but at Christmas it is the Music Events. Planning ahead is a big deal and that's a Must Do when you're going to Citywalk because of the parking fee that's kind a high.

It is nice for us as we don't live that far away but for us to go over here and have some dinner or goof off and maybe get a drink or just walk around and enjoy the scene, is kinda deterred by the parking fee.

Bicycles of the best way because you can be further and get a free parking spot and just cruise over on your bike and they have a nice bicycle locking area at the bottom of the Citywalk Transportation Center to take advantage of. We stayed over at a hotel on sand lake road or The Florida Hotel orlando and it was a breeze and never had to pay the parking fee.
Sherri L.

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Imagine if a Lake Buena Vista Shopping Mall had a parking fee so you had to pay five or ten or twenty dollars just to go into the Shopping Mall! Somehow they get away with it because it's so popular but to me it should be free and that would get more people over there and they can make it even bigger and make more money.

While here at the Waldorf Astoria hotel, I did a search on google for parking the car for free near Citywalk Orlando to see what would happen. I'm kind of surprised that nobody talks about all the easy places to park in the area where he then you can walk over and not have to pay the parking fee.

Parking for free without going to Citywalk is a breeze all you have to do is go and be five or six minutes away and just take the long walk from one of the hotels in the area but not too close because those are the ones that they watch. Perhaps Uber is the best way to go!

Horacio G.

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