Free Boat Taxi Transporation

Free Boat Taxi Transporation

Such a pleasure it was saving money on our Disney vacation and it was a better time too. We very much enjoyed the campgrounds here in Lake Buena Vista. Not only are there cabins to rent, you just drive your rv or set up a tent.

That is the cheapest ticket to a Disney Hotel Room, plus they toss in a zillion free activities that make you smile. Make sure to have good sleeping cots. After all the full day of fun it is easy to sleep, plus we got drunk at the hooters bar on International Drive one night.

For the tent trip, I went with the texsport king cot, as it got solid reviews and does not squeak! The size is nice, at 35 inches wide and 83 inches long, plus it sits high at 20 inches. It was 66 dollars, plus I will need to get that folding mattress mat. Thankfully there is no shipping costs and I got my other three things! I will bring it over when I get it, and Lion King Kitty will want to sleep on it too.
Son J.

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Boat Taxi

The Lion King Lion King Kitty has a bug. I think he got something from his trip to the disney Animal Hospital vet, or he might have had a reaction to the rabies shot he got. He is sleeping a lot and not eating much at all. He just nibbles.

I am going to call the vet tomorrow morning. He is sleeping right now. Sleep is good when you don't feel well after a week at Fort Wilderness campground. We did love the outdoor hotel vibe plus the bubbalous bbq.

Jean Y.

Boat Dock

Wooden buildings make up the heart of Fort Wilderness, including pioneer hall. Crockett's tavern is perfect for one of the dinners or lunch at Wendy's cafe. I like the resort food at Disney overall and here your get super snacks and drinks at trail's end buffet. The beach area is the place to head to for entertainment, and boarding the boat.

Bicycles are a great way to get around this huge resort. Put it on your Must Do list for everyone, the Fort Wilderness Resort and campground is a classic Florida vacation thing to do. Staying for a week will allow you to fully probe everything that it has to offer like horseback riding. Do not miss the dazzling white sand there is along Bay Lake for people to sit on and enjoy.

Sherry L.

Fort Wilderness

4510 North Fort Wilderness Trail
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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