Fun and Relaxing Orlando Hotel

Fun and Relaxing Orlando Hotel

The resort is strategically located for quick access to all of the Disney attractions, with monorail and ferryboat access. For a fun and relaxing retreat, experience this enchanting and captivating island paradise resort. We have to recommend this as a top Orlando area vacation stay. Doing it right for family vacations in Orlando means picking on of the disney hotels.

The one thing about coming to Florida is taking advantage of the Swimming Pool vacations. That's probably one of the things that we like about going to fantastic hotels is being able to Splash at the end of the day. We almost never needed to shower because you have a lot of chlorine in the Swimming Pool and chlorine is much stronger than soap. After you get out of the pool all you need to do is dry off and put some deodorant on and a new clean shirt, short pants, and some flip-flops and you are off on your way to enjoy more fun!

The fact that the swimming pools are held to above eighty-four degrees is a good thing. We don't like to swim when it's too cold and that's where taking a fantastic Florida destination vacation really shines. Central Florida is good because you can buzz over and check out the Atlantic Ocean or head to the Gulf of Mexico by Clearwater Beach. This was a good pick and it really made for a fun time of enjoyment. We also got an opportunity one of the days to try the Waldorf Astoria Golf Club and that was nice for people that like to play a round of golf.
Adela O.

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Swimming Pool

What a great pick for a hotel near Disney world for the people that like to hop in their bathing suit! You can get some nice everything but water bathing suit local or at Disney Springs Mall. Our girls love to run around in their bikini and the boys love to do that of giant cannonballs and make a big Splash in the pool.

Oh my goodness did we have a lot of fun. They have lifeguards watching everything so the kids can't get to rambunctious. They do let them jump in and toss things, and be kids like they are when you're in the Swimming Pool. I remember as a child the first time we stayed at the Pop Century Resort years ago and it was completely fascinating to me.

Great memories are really true, they do get made here all the time if you pick a top-notch Orlando family hotel. You can go cheaper or pay more, the point orlando for example, since are some good places that are away from the theme parks, but not that far is All-Star Movies resort. One tip is Taco Bell and Shoney's Restaurant are super for cheap dining.

Victoria L.


1600 Seven Seas Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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