Get to know Handy Manny

Get to know Handy Manny

Be ready with your video cameras as Handy Manny or maybe special agent oso could be waiting to say hello to you. In this are of the park you can find June from little einsteins, and boy do all of the characters make our children smile. Do not miss Disney Junior play and dine, right there at famous crossroads of Hollywood and Vine!

This kind of stuff is so fun, it might be the best part of the day. When we came down here the first time, we really did not understand the concept of Character Greetings. I knew we would see characters in the parade, plus in around the area of Playhouse Live.

What Walt Disney has done is put the characters with the people, everywhere. There are certain places you can wait in line for instance for the little einsteins or Goofy Dog. A lot of the Photopass opportunities will just happen during your visit.
Delia G.

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Character Greetings

Every mother and father has their camera with them, I can assure you. If they don't have a big camera with a giant lens on the end like a Photopass people, they'll at least have their photography capabilities by their smart phone.

Whatever remote device you're using to capture images, you want to save them because these things are to be priceless. The children grow up so fast. No need to come over to the theme parks today, as the weekend is kind of busy. I am going to do some cooking for the weekend and do some cpe too, then head to the parks on Monday morning for low lines.

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Handy Manny

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